About AFR & Sons

Traditional values of reliability and attention to detail, allied to today's standards of service, technological innovation and professionalism are the qualities in which A F Ross & Sons takes pride.The armed forces of the USA and Western Europe demand the highest standards of quality, reliability and specification for their vehicles. They replace high quality vehicles on a regular basis disposing if the equipment onto the commercial market through dealers like A F Ross & Sons.

When Alexander Ross set up his blacksmiths shop in 1891 he could not have anticipated the business which future generations of his family would operate on a global scale.

AF Ross and Sons is at the forefront of procurement and supply of ex-military vehicles. Equipment is sourced from the armed forces of only the most advanced NATO countries, where there is a policy of keeping their vehicles in good order and in a highly maintained condition. It is then transported to our base in the UK where customers from all over the world can view the equipment.

Any repair, maintenance or conversion work required is carried out to the strictest quality standards in our own workshops before delivery to the customer and every piece of equipment carries out guarantee of service and quality.We are happy to discuss any commercial plant or special purpose vehicle requirements with you. Talking to us could open up a whole new range of vehicle options for you

If your needs are only short term why not hire from us, we have a fleet of vehicles ready for hire. For further details please visit our other site, AFR-Hire.co.uk

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